One of the greatest passions of my life is studying and teaching the Bible. From my high school days when I would pull out my Bible and curl up with a blanket on the back porch of my childhood home, to leading hundreds of women through a passage of Scripture, few things give me greater joy.

This love for studying and teaching the Bible is what drove me to attend Bible school (Moody Bible Institute) and seminary thereafter (Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary). As a student I learned from some of the best professors in their fields, gained tools that made studying simpler, and honed my ability to teach the Bible clearly. But as much as I learned about the joy of quality Bible study, I also learned a lot about the pit falls of having poor Bible study skills. I was shown the hazard of taking Scripture out of context and how easy it is to distort the Truth of God’s Word (and how often I was guilty of it).

And one day between Greek Exegesis class and Hebrew Grammar 101 it hit me: you shouldn’t have to go to seminary to learn how to study and teach the Bible.

And you don’t. God’s Word is for every single person, and every believer is called to be a student of the Scriptures. It’s just that sometimes we don’t know where to start.

Take Root Seminars are one-day, workshop-based events that teach local congregations how to study and teach the Bible. I want to put simple tools in your hands that will help you study the Bible so that you understand it and teach the Bible in ways that others can understand, too. Whether you’re a new believer wanting to starting develop a daily study habit, a young mom wanting to teach the Word to her kids, or a seasoned believer wanting to hone your skills as a communicator of God’s Word, this seminar will further equip you as a student and ambassador of God’s Word.


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What Women are Saying


“Take Root is a vital seminar for women today. Their heart to equip and empower women to mine the depths of Scripture is a breath of fresh air in women’s ministry! My time in the Word has been forever changed and the way the Bible now comes alive has truly been life transforming. I cannot recommend this seminar more highly!” Erika B. | 23 | Aurora, CO


“I really enjoyed going through the workshops; I learned many new things that I am excited to use in my study time.” Kayiyn S. | 14 | Fort Collins, CO


“The seminar was incredibly helpful as far as learning a structured way to approach the Bible. Being a new student I felt a little lost and overwhelmed until this seminar! Now I am excited to know more!” Erin P. | 56 | Cheyenne, WY