One of my favorite professors in Bible school passed along a Bible study and reading tool to me. It’s a simple one, and one that didn’t seem profound as he encouraged me to do it, but it quickly became one of the most effective ways I have found to reflect on study and to reflect my study back to God in praise. Once my classmates and I had done all of our exegesis work – parsing the Greek, looking into the historical setting of the book, tracing these throughout a passage, etc. – he would have us each read the passage we studied aloud, pausing on every word or phrase that we had learned something new about. As we paused, we would pray a prayer of thanksgiving to the Author of that good word.

This morning, we’re going to read Matthew one together one last time. Today as you read it, I’d like to invite you to read it aloud if your environment allows. As you read, practice reading the way my professor taught me. Pause on every word that reminds you of something you’ve learned throughout this Advent study. When you pause, thank God for what He has taught you, and ask Him for a hungry heart that is always eager to learn more.




I’m so grateful for each and every one of you who has worked hard with me throughout this Advent season. Writing this study has given me such joy, and it has been a privilege to share it with you. Truly.

On Monday we’re jumping into a new book – the book of Jonah. I so hope you’ll continue studying with me. My exegetical study of this book has been incredibly eye-opening. Jonah is a book I once thoroughly neglected, but it has quickly become a deeply convicting read. There are Hebrew words and phrases that are exclusively used in the book of Jonah, and they cause the book to pop into 3-D, full of wonder and praise for a God who does great and mighty acts on behalf of mankind! But it is also a sobering book for those experiencing ordinary days in which you are called to ordinary faithfulness. If this is you, please considering studying along with me.

Again, thank you for journeying to the manger with me over the last five weeks. You’re a joy, and I’ve loved studying with you.

Reach out any time, okay?

All the love,

Amy Gannett


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