Today we’re going to jump into our study of the book of Philippians by doing a book overview study. I can still remember the first time I did a study like this, and it forever changed the way I approach Scripture study. Before we dive into Philippians chapter one verse one, we want to pause and look at the book as a whole. We want to ask ourselves strategic questions about the structure and outline of the book, about the original author and audience, and about overall themes that will guide and shape our study moving forward.


Grab your Book Overview worksheet here: Book Overview | A study tool by Amy Gannett.


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Today, work on completing the first page of the Book Overview worksheet. Use the Biblical Text as your guide (with some studies, like our recent study of the book of Jonah, this isn’t entirely possible. But in the book of Philippians, everything we need to know is right there in the Text). Tomorrow I’ll share my answers and we’ll continue working through it together.



Thank God that He gave us His Word. Ask Him to cultivate in your heart a love for His Word, and an affection and affinity for doing the hard work of Bible study. Ask Him to prepare your heart to learn about spiritual friendships in the coming weeks.

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