We’re moving onto the second page of the Book Overview study. Before we  dive into Philippians chapter one, verse one, we’re going to take a look at overarching themes in the book. Tomorrow, I’ll share my answers with you, but for today, grab your printout of the book of Philippians, grab a pen, and get ready to mark it up.


P.S. – This is one of my favorite parts of Bible study! As you look for repeated words or phrases don’t be shy – mark up your printout (or your Bible if you’re comfortable). Look for words that fit into similar word groups, themes that rise to the surface, and phrases that keep popping up. Here’s my tip as you dive in: read the book aloud in its entirety if possible. I know that not everyone’s study situation will be accommodating to this (hello, napping little ones!) but if you’re able, I think there’s something very powerful about hearing the words as we read them. Somehow, it allows my brain to pick up on themes I would have otherwise missed.




Thank God for the beauty of the His Word. Thank Him that He cares enough for you and for me that He preserved His holy Word, in written form, for us to study.

Author: amygannett

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