Over the next two days we’re going to be doing a word study on two words: the Greek words for “partners” and “Gospel.” Word studies are important. They help us understand a biblical word more fully from within the pages of Scripture. Sometimes we have to look outside the Bible to help us understand how a Greek word would be used in context, but most often we have the joy and privilege of letting Scripture interpret Scripture to us. This is a gift to us as believers and unfolds the joy of God’s all sufficient word to us! And, it is also a discipline to let God define His Word and words to us as we study.


Today, we’re going to look at εὐαγγέλιον, or the Greek word for “Gospel.”


Look up the following passages. Identify the English word used for εὐαγγέλιον, and how we can understand this word in each verse’s own context:


Matthew 4:23


Mark 1:14


Romans 1:16


Acts 15:7


Ephesians 1:13


Romans 15:19


Each verse brings to us a little more perspective on what Paul is getting at when he calls the Philippian church partners in the Gospel. The Gospel, as unfolded by these verses, is three things to us as believers: it is something we have believed, something with which we minister to other believers, and something we are to proclaim to the lost


First, the Gospel is something that we have believed. The common inheritance of all Christians is that we were lost, separated from God because of our sin. But in Christ, He has brought us near in His death and resurrection. This is the Good News that was proclaimed to us, and the gospel that we have believed. Before we can do anything else with the Gospel, we must first personally embrace it in faith.


Second, the Gospel is something with which we are to minister to other believers. We hold out this hope to fellow Christians, reminding each other – it’s all true! Christ is King, and He is coming! The Gospel is our shared inheritance, our future hope, and our daily sustenance. We preach this message of life to one another, believing for each other when we forget, and reminding one another when our hope fails.


And lastly, the Gospel is something we are to proclaim to the lost. This good news isn’t to be kept, but given away! We are to hold our the hope of Jesus Christ as the only salvation for a dying world. We extend the grace of salvation to every lost person we meet, pointing them to Jesus and insisting that in Him alone is hope of being at peace before God.


With this in mind, how does this fill out our understanding of what it could mean to be a partner in the Gospel with another believer or group of believers?




Thank God for the Gospel. Recount back to him your faith in his completed work. Ask Him for the discernment to point other Christians to the Gospel and the courage to extend the good news to the lost in your life.

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