Paul calls the Philippian believers to have unity because they are united to Christ and because they have a spiritual friendship with him. But what should this unity look like?


Paul names three expressions of unity that he desires to see in the Philippians. What are they?


Consider each of these phrases individually. What do you think it would mean for a group to “be of the same mind”:


To “have the same love”:


To “be in full accord”:


Each of the phrases Paul uses to describe unity for the believers speaks to their shared inheritance of the Gospel. Paul wants them to set their minds on the same thing – fixing their thoughts and lives on one, primary thing. He wants them to have the same love – to have affection for the same Person and love the same things. And, he wants them be fully, completely committed to the same things – united in soul for the same purposes. I don’t know about you, but when I think about other believers in my own life, I can’t think of a single thing that I can share with them this deeply other than the Gospel. And that is true for the Philippians as well. Paul wants them to be united in mind, love, and soul for one thing and one thing alone: the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


This is entirely appropriate, too, when we think about the theme of spiritual friendships throughout the book. Do you remember what we said it means for believers to have “partnership in the Gospel?” It means that we have a common embrace of the Gospel, preach the Gospel to one another, and together hold out the truth of the Gospel to the world around us. There is nothing more solid, more firm, more worthy of our unity than the good news of Jesus Christ.


Consider each of these phrases individually in light of this. What do you think it would mean for you in your local expression of the church to “be of the same mind”:


To “have the same love”:


To “be in full accord”:




Ask God to keep the Gospel – the good news about Jesus Christ’s Lordship and mercy – in front of you at all times. Ask Him to make it the one thing you build your life’s foundation on. Ask Him to build spiritual friendship on that foundation, too – and to give you unity as a result.

Author: amygannett

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