Paul doesn’t just call the believers to selflessness, but gives them (and us!) an example to follow.


Who is our example a self-less life?


What is the primary characteristic that Paul uses to describe the life of Christ?


Christ, in His graciousness and mercy, was humble. He didn’t consider His deity something to hold onto, but because like us – in human form, bearing the flesh of His own creation. And He humbled himself further – to death on the cross you and I deserved.


Why do you think Paul draws so strongly on the humility of Christ?


How does Christ’s death and resurrection relate to Paul’s call to us to be selfless?

Humility is the antithesis of selfishness. Often, I’ve thought that thinking of myself less would be the “fix” for my selfish tendencies. But Paul draws upon Christ’s humility as the example we are to follow. Just as Paul calls us to not think of our own significance, he points us to Christ who didn’t consider His deity something to hold onto. Just as Paul calls us not to only think of our own interests, he points us to Jesus who poured Himself out on our behalf.


It’s true in leadership and in the Christian life – we cannot lead others where we have not gone ourselves. Praise God Jesus went all the way to the cross for you and I! He experienced such great selflessness on our behalf – and that selflessness made the way for you and I to also experience freedom from self! Through His death, he broke the bondage of sin that kept you and I entangled in ourselves, and He set us free to fix our eyes on the Gospel! Because of His death and resurrection, we are free to be selfless and free to follow His example of humility! Praise God!



Thank Christ for His sacrifice that sets us free from sin. Ask Him to enable you, by His Spirit, to walk in freedom from selfishness and to fill you with humility.


Author: amygannett

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