Christ went all the way to the cross for you and I – this is humility at its most profound moment in history! And we give glory to God for this!


After pointing us to Christ’s example of humility in death, he also points us to Christ’s coming glory.


What does Paul say is the result of Christ’s sacrifice? (v. 9-11)


Because Christ went all the way to the grave and overcame death, God has given Him the highest place of honor. Because of His humility, God has glorified Him; because He lowered Himself; God lifted Him up in honor.


Is Christ deserving of this honor? Why?


Does your own life and heart reflect your answer to the question above?


How might God be calling you to give Christ the honor and glory He deserves – through your worship, life, sacrifice, thought life, and humility?


Paul concludes this portion of his call to unity among believers with a glorious picture of Christ’s completed work: all peoples bowing before Him together! If ever there was a picture of unity in the Scriptures, it is this: when all the Church will gather around the throne of our exalted Christ and worship Him because He is truly due our all!


And this is the vision Paul wants us to hold before ourselves: the Gospel! The Gospel is not just past work of Jesus (though, it is truly that as well), but it is also the future glory we will share with other believers because of Christ’s accomplished work. With this vision before us, with His coming kingdom in front of us, we can seek unity with other believers here and now. Only with the Gospel of Christ in view can we work towards daily unity with other believers – and anticipate His coming kingdom.


How might a vision of Christ’s coming kingdom help you seek humility and freedom from selfishness in your own life?


How might it help you seek unity with other believers?



Thank Christ for His sacrifice – and praise Him for His coming glorification! Ask Him to keep this Good News before you at all times, and to let it foster unity in your relationships with other believers.

Author: amygannett

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