In the final lines of his letter to the Philippian Christians, Paul thanks the Philippians for their financial support.

Read Philippians 4:10-20. How do the following concepts relate to each other:

The Philippians renewed concern:

Contentment in all thing through the strength of Christ:

The Philippians partnership in the Gospel:

Paul wants to make two things clear to the Philippians. First, while he is thankful for their renewed concern, he has learned contentment in all circumstances through the strength of Christ. And second, though he has learned contentment, he is thankful for their continued partnership.

Do you see the circular nature of these final verses? Paul knows something and you and I would do well to learn, also: God often meets our needs through one another. Paul has learned radical contentment in each and every situation. In low seasons, he has learned to be content; in seasons of abundance, he has learned to be content. And he does all of this through the strength of Christ. And yet … the Philippians’ partnership in the Gospel has been God’s abundant provisions in his own life and ministry. Though Paul relies on God for strength, God has met his needs in the Philippian church.

This is the outworking of Gospel partnership! The Philippian church is united to Paul through the Gospel, though their shared union with Christ. And now, the Philippian church is doing something about it – they are sending him aid, help, and support for his evangelistic calling. They are expressing their partnership in the Gospel in a tangible, physical way.

Recall a time when someone expressed their partnership in the Gospel with you to you in tangible terms. What did it teach you about God’s provision?

Is there someone in your life right now who God is calling you to support in a tangible way as an expression of your partnership in the Gospel with them?

What resources do you have available that you could offer up to God to use for His purposes? Do you have space, time, funds, food, clothing, energy, words? How might God be calling you to share these with those in your life as an expression of Gospel partnership?


Pray through the resources you listed above – ask God to use anything you have for His glory and to further His Kingdom. If there is any area of holding back in your heart, talk to God about it. Are you afraid? Talk to God about it. Are you selfish? Talk to God about it. Are you bitter? Talk to God about it. Ask Him to give you an open heart that gives generously to your fellow partners in the Gospel.

Author: amygannett

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