Over the last nine weeks, we’ve daily mined the book of Philippians. We’ve studied the original context of the Philippian church, learned a lot about Paul’s situation and his relationship to the Philippians, and traced the theme of spiritual friendships. Today, we’re going to pull back and take a bird’s eye view of the book as a whole, and reflect on some of the big-picture things God has taught us in His Word.

What are the primary ways that Paul references spiritual friendships in the book of Philippians? Try to make note of chapters and verses that correlate to your answers.

What does the book of Philippians teach us about spiritual friendships? What are they? What do they consist of?

If you’re taking notes, flip back through your notes over the last nine weeks. How were you thinking about spiritual friendships when we started? How have you changed or grown in thinking about spiritual friendships?

We spent several days each week praying for spiritual friendships in our own lives. Take a quick “inventory” of your spiritual friendships – have they changed or grown as you’ve studied Philippians? Have you pursued potential new spiritual friends? Have you stepped out in obedience to a new relationship God has called you to?


Spend some time prayerfully reflecting on what we’ve learned about spiritual friendships. Thank God for the friends in your life. Thank Him for what He has taught you through His Word. Ask Him to continue building in your a daily hunger to know Him more through His Word!

PS – It has sincerely been a joy to study the book of Philippians with each of you. If something has been meaningful to you or if God has done a work in your life over the course of this study, I’d love to hear about it and praise God with you! You can always reach me at

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I want to encourage you to keep studying what we’ve learned over the last nine weeks. So I put together this little printable set of flashcards to help you remember and study the different Greek words we have learned. Just print and snip!

Philippians Greek Flashcards

All the love to each of you, fellow Bible students!


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  • Dear Amy, I’ve been looking for a study like this for such a long time. I love it. I’ve just completed Philippians. Your wisdom and insight has been a breath of fresh air. Please keep going.
    I’m a pastor and it’s invigorated my understanding. Spiritual friendships are such a big theme as we guide the church in how to love, behave, react. So thanks. I feel blessed to be a blessing.

    • Wow, Cathy! Thank you so much for your kind and encouraging words! They mean a lot and fuel me to keep doing the hard work of Exegetical Bible study and writing. Thank you! Blessings on you and your ministry!