Psalm 62:5-7 recites the goodness of God and David’s full reliance on Him.


Grab a piece of paper and write the words of verses five through seven out. Note the number of times the word “only” or “alone” is used.


David wants to make something emphatically clear: God is his only hope, and salvation comes from Him alone.


David further clarifies the metaphors he has used of God. What does David add to his description of God as a rock? As a fortress?

What does it mean that David’s “glory” rests on God?

How does this relate to David’s expression of those who sought to do him harm yesterday?


In this life, you and I have the constant option of putting our hope in lesser things. We can easily hope to be proven right in an argument, for others to see us come out on top, for people to look at us and think we are intelligent or better than others. We can put our hope in financial security, in having a home that we know will always be there for us, with a family that we believe we will never lose, in a bank account that has enough cushion for our mind’s worst case scenario. We can trust in being saved by spouses or children, given meaning in ministry or our work. We can survey our good deeds and trust that we’ve done enough, been enough, tried hard enough to be considered better than the rest, or, at least, better than most. We can put our trust in a thousand different places, but David’s conclusion will be ours as well: our hope and salvation lie in God alone.


Are there areas in your life in which you are trusting in something less than God? Have you placed your hope in something else? Someone else?


No matter how good the thing we trust in is, we will always be disappointed when we place our trust in anything less than God. God only, God alone. He is our hope and salvation.

David now turns from reciting these great truths to himself and to God, to proclaiming it to others.


Read Psalm 62:8-10. What is David’s exhortation for others?

How have David’s life experiences given him credibility to encourage others in this way?

In what ways in your own life have you seen God alone to be trustworthy?

How might God be calling you, too, to share that testimony with others?


When we’ve experienced the salvation of God, we need to tell others! When we’ve experienced the loss of having trusted in lesser things that have disappointed us, we need to tell others! Our lives, like David’s, can be open books of testimony to God’s saving grace and faithful rescue.



Supplication: Ask God to be your salvation and hope and to give you the grace to share your testimony of His faithfulness with those who need to hear.

Submission: Confess to God the ways you’ve put your trust in other, lesser things. Ask Him to help you trust in Him alone and place your hope in Him only.

Author: amygannett

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