Read Psalm 139

Yesterday we considered God’s incommunicable attribute of omniscience. He is unlike us in this way – He stands alone in the universe as the only One who is all-knowing! 

Look back at verses 1-6. David praises God for being all-knowing, but how does David “build a case” for this? To what does David point as an example of God’s omniscience? 

David finds no greater illustration or testimony to God’s omniscience than God’s intimate understanding of him. David could have praised God for knowing the limits of the galaxy – something we in 2018 have not yet discovered. He could have praised God for knowing the boundaries of time and eternity – again something we do not know. But David chooses to praise God for his omniscience as displayed in his own life, in God’s relationship with him.

Why do you think this is significant?

When you consider the way that God intimately knows you – your schedule and habits, your thoughts and attitudes – what internal response do you have?

If you’re anything like me, you might be thinking: get me out of here! There is something too intensely personal and intimate about being known in this way, and my impulse is to run away and hide. Thankfully, that is the psalmist’s impulse as well.

Read Psalm 139:7-13. Summarize David’s words in your own words.

If you were to draw one attribute of God’s from these verses, what would it be?

David responds to God’s omniscience with a natural human instinct: run! But, where can David go? Is there anywhere, he asks, where I can avoid your Spirit? Is there anywhere I’m out of your line of sight? When David climbs the highest mountain and seemingly touches the sky – there’s God! When David goes underground to hide – God’s, there too! God is absolutely everywhere. This is God’s attribute of omnipresence. 

David references the wings of the morning and the west side of the sea. What do you think David is referring to here? (Think back to when we studied the Hebrew inclusio in week one!)

David is using an inclusio here – using two unlike things to show the span between them. In Israel, the sea was their reference for the west, and, as is the case everywhere, the sun rises in the east. David is saying that he could go all the way to the east – getting up with the sun at the crack of dawn – and God finds him in a second. Or, he could go all the way to the west – to the farthest bank of the sea – and God is there waiting for him. God is absolutely everywhere. He is absolutely omnipresent. 

Consider God’s omnipresence. How might God call you to respond in worship?

The same that is true for David is true for you and me – God is always present. We cannot run from Him, even if we wanted to. There is no escape from His presence or watchful gaze. As David points out, he sees us even in the dark. When the night swirls around us, when we can’t see two feet in front of our own faces, God is there. And, since God is present, the night is as high noon! God’s presence is all-permeating, all-encompassing, and unrelenting.

God’s omnipresence is another one of His incommunicable traits. God alone is all-present, and this should cause us to praise Him for who He is! 

How might you respond today to the reality that you cannot run from God? How can this be a comfort to you? 

Is there is place in your life in which you feel God is absent? Have you kicked God out of an area of your life? Talk to God about it. Invite our omnipresent God to be present in every single area of your life.

If you are at all like me, the times in which I am prone to feel most alone is at night. When I can’t sleep and the world around me seems to be resting peacefully, the inner anxiety I feel seems to set me apart. It’s a lonely feeling. But when we lie awake in bed at night with our own fears and anxieties threatening to drown us, we can say like the psalmist: even in the dark he sees me. 

Pray & Reflect:

Supplication: Confess to God any ways in which you have believed Him to be absent in your life or circumstances. Ask Him to teach you to believe in His presence always.

Submission: Praise God that He is all-present! Worship Him for being omnipresent, even when you can’t see Him. 

Author: amygannett

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