Read Psalm 139

It’s abundantly clear at this point that Psalm 139 is not about us. Though we’ve often appropriated these verses to boost our self-esteem (which is not a bad thing – it’s just not what these verses are intended for), they are verses dripping with awe for a God who is unlike any other – a God who is omniscient and omnipresent.

Today, we are going to look at the most popular portion of the Psalm. And, as we do, we will need to give extra attention to the intentions of the psalmist.

Read Psalm 139:13-16. Summarize David’s words in your own words.

What repeated words or phrases do you notice?

If you were to summarize these verses with one attribute of God’s, what would it be?

These verses ascribe to God the creativity and power He displayed in creation. The psalmist, David, praises God for His infinite power in creating his body. It is as if he looks down at his body and observes it anew: you shaped me! You made me inside and out! He praises God because His work is mind-boggling, mind-bending – it is utterly beyond David’s comprehension. When he looks at his body he thinks, I can’t even comprehend how it is all held together, but you put every single piece in place. God not only knows how the human body works – a work of art and science all held together in human flesh! – but He also conceived of the body’s operations in His divine mind. The human body, the psalmist reflects, was God’s invention! It was His idea! And God didn’t just see David at the beginning of time in his mother’s womb, but each and every day he will live is laid out in the mind of God. Certainly, David concludes, this God is all-powerful.

 Here we observe another incommunicable trait of the Almighty: omnipotence. God is all-powerful, and He alone is all-powerful. Though David can’t comprehend how his own nervous system works, God designed it and spoke into existence. God is all creative – not just in the cognitive sense of having a creative mind, but in the tangible sense. God is a creating, powerful God – what He conceives comes into being through His powerful word. And God alone is omnipotent.

Consider your body for a moment. Mentally name a few of the different “systems” in your body (digestive, nervous, reproductive, etc). Do you know how each of them works in detail? How can this reminder of how intricate your own body is draw you to praise God for His omnipotence?

David’s response is our response: my days are open before you like a book. If God knows so intimately how we have been formed, if He has seen us since our conception, then certainly He will walk with us all of our days. 

How might these verses remind you to praise God for His omnipotence? How can you worship God for being all-powerful today?

Pray & Reflect:

Supplication: Confess to God that you are not all-powerful. Admit to Him that your creativity and power pale in comparison, and that there is none like Him. 

Submission: Praise God for His power! Worship Him for being the only One who is all-powerful. 


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