Read Psalm 143

Yesterday we left off with David sitting in silent reflection (Selah), with his hands open before God, waiting on Him to respond. 

Read verses 7 & 8. What surprises you about these verses? 

Doesn’t it seem odd that David would have written a reflective pause into his psalm, only to follow it with an urgent request for God to move quickly? It seems as though David is waiting on God’s response, and then interrupts the silence to plead with God to answer. In your English Bible, you’ll notice that this stanza has a lot of exclamation marks – and this is no mistake. David is urgent! His needs are great! And he needs God to come now!

What is the primary thing David is asking for in these verses?

What words or phrases are familiar to you (think back on our word studies)?

David’s urgent request is a request for God to draw near! In a song that started out with a cry for safety and deliverance from his enemies, David now asks for God to be near. He doesn’t ask for a mighty army to avenge him or for a safe place to hide from his pursuers. He asks for God to come near to Him. The answer to David’s needs is none other than God Himself. 

Consider the purpose and composition of the book of Psalms. Can you think of any reasons this psalm is placed near the end of the book? 

How does David’s request – and the recited request of the people of God as they employ the Psalter for congregational worship – contrast with other requests he has made?

This psalm is evidence of spiritual maturity! David and the people of God who are using the Psalter, have been brought from asking for God to provide escape to asking for God to provide His presence. As the people have used the book of Psalms as their corporate guide for worship, they have been brought to a glorious place of trust, faith, and hunger for God. 

Read Psalm 143:9-12. Where have we seen the phrase, “For your name’s sake” before? 

What does it mean? 

What does it mean in this context? 

David is appealing, once again, to God’s covenant faithfulness. David has staked everything – everything! – on God’s faithfulness. His reputation has been staked on God’s faithfulness, His survival has been staked on God’s faithfulness, and, here, his soul is staked on God’s covenant faithfulness. David knows that God will bring him out of his spiritual trouble because of who God is in His unchanging character.

How can God’s unchanging character draw you to worship Him today?

How can God’s unchanging character bolster your faith in today’s trials and circumstances?

How might God be using this Psalm to remind you of His covenant faithfulness to you?

In what circumstances might God be challenging you to see His nearness as the solution, rather than a particular outcome to your situation?

Pray & Reflect:

Supplication: Bring to God your current situation. Are you afraid? Are you anxious? Is your soul, like David’s, in despair? Bring it before God.

Submission: Confess to God that He is the only One you need. Worshipfully tell Him that when you have Him, you have everything you need. Ask Him to help you cling to His covenant faithfulness and unchanging character.

Author: amygannett

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