Read Psalm 145

It’s the last day of our study. Over the past several weeks we have considered the liturgical pattern of supplication and submission in the psalms. We’ve seen the repetition of earnest need followed by bending to God’s unchanging character. 

If you’re anything like me, this study has been salve on the wounds in my heart around the concept of submission. Submission has been a hard concept for me – not because I don’t want to bend my will to the Word of God, but because I have wanted to in the past and that desire has been abused. Submission has always made me feel less-than, somehow intrinsically devalued, and hopeless about changing my situation. I don’t know about you, but I came into this study with a bad taste in my mouth regarding Biblical submission, and I winced just a tinge at the thought of eight weeks of practicing it.

But the psalms lay out for you and me a robust model of submission. It does not shy away from asking us to submit ourselves and our wills to who God is. It calls us wholeheartedly to fall under His authority and glory and mastery in the universe. Yet, it hasn’t stung. 

Have you experienced that in this study? Why do you think our study and practice of submission hasn’t felt devaluing or demoralizing in the way other conversations may have felt in the past?

The glorious restoration that the Psalms has afforded is this: because of who God is, we lose nothing by submitting to Him. In fact, we have everything to gain.

By nature, submitting to God is to fall under the banner of His character, and it’s the content of that character that takes away the sting. David’s countless references to the covenant faithfulness of God remind us that our safest place, our most secure position, and our most savored stance is under God’s watchful care. Because of who God is – intrinsically and unwaveringly – we can always delight in submitting to Him because He is ultimately good, righteous, affectionate, merciful, and abounding in covenant-keeping faithfulness. 

This pattern of supplication and submission is a savored practice we have the joy of taking with us far beyond the constraints of this study. As Christians who are walking the path of discipleship before the Lord, let this be our new life liturgy: bringing our needs before God, and submitting ourselves to His character.

For our final day of study, we are going to join in one of David’s final psalms. In observance of the work God has done in our own hearts as we lean into who He is, trusting Him with ourselves and our situations, we are going to close our study in worship.

Read Psalm 145 aloud. Savor each word. Make note of who God is and worship Him for His unchanging, good, holy, faithful, kind, and generous character. 

Pray & Reflect:

Supplication: Confess to God that you are not prone to faithfully walking in supplication and submission and that you need His help to continue this liturgy in your own life.

Submission: Praise God for what He has done in your life over the course of this prayer-filled study. Praise Him that He is able to continue that work by His Spirit until He comes again. 

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