Read Lamentations one through five

We’re diving into our study in the book of Lamentations by doing a book overview study. These studies are vital to our understanding of the book on the whole – the historic setting in which it was written, the author and date of the writing, and the cultural setting of the author who wrote it. All of these elements help make up what the book is and how we should read it. It’s also an exercise in worship, as we seek to love God with all our minds by putting His Word at the forefront and pushing pause on any personal interpretation and application in our own lives.

Grab your Book Overview worksheet here: Book Overview | A study tool by Amy Gannett.

Today, work on completing the first page of the Book Overview worksheet. Use the Biblical text as your guide. Below are a few helpful online resources for your study and research. Tomorrow I’ll share my answers and we’ll continue working through it together.


Resources for Author:


Resources for Historic Setting:




Thank God that He gave us His Word. Ask Him to cultivate in your heart a love for His Word, and an affection and affinity for doing the hard work of Bible study. Ask Him to prepare your heart to learn about His character in the coming weeks.

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