Read Lamentations Two 

God takes sin seriously. We’ve seen in so many ways this week the severity of God’s judgement on sin, and how it is most profoundly displayed at the cross.

The third and final section of chapter two is what we are going to conclude with this week. Consider the two sections previously (v. 1-10 and 11-16). Summarize each in your own words. 

Read Lamentations 2:17-22. What is happening in this portion of the poem?

What key words or repeated phrases do you identify?

What has changed in the tone of these verses?

The voice of the author is still the same – he is grieving along with God over the destruction of their city. All has been lost, their prophets have led them astray, their friends have been false, and their enemies are rejoicing over their destruction. Israel has lost everything she has and now her people and children are wandering about in the streets. They have no home, no haven to rest from their wounds. They don’t even have a dignified place to go and die. They have stopped up their ears against heaven and refused to listen to the prophets long ago. They traded true words from God for false seers, and exchanged God’s leading for their own sin. And they are utterly desolate.

But …

In these verses, we sense the first significant shift towards God as the poet tells the people, “Cry out to God!” 

There are two senses in which this is significant. First, the prophet insists that the people cry out to God because He is the One who has done it. God has brought this destruction upon them and has let them run to their ruin. The people should cry to God because, well, He caused it. So, if anyone can, God can bring them out.

Secondly, and equally significant, is this reality: a prophet is telling the people to cry out to God. The author of Lamentations – whoever he may be – is finally speaking true words to the people. The role of the prophet to point the people ever toward God is finally being taken seriously, and a call to turn towards God is finally ringing in the ears of God’s people. 

Are there areas in your life where you are letting sin loom large? How is that sin keeping you from God?

What would it look like for you today to cry out to God as a first step towards repentance?



Prayerfully consider areas in your life in which God might be calling you to repentance. Talk to God about them. Thank Him that He is ready to hear your cry when you cry out for freedom from sin. Thank Him that He always extends forgiveness in Christ.

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