Read Lamentations One through Five 

Over the last two weeks, we’ve waded through the lament of the poetic prophet. We’ve sat on the ground with the weeping woman of Jerusalem and observed in graphic detail the horrors of her situation. We’ve considered her sin and its resulting consequences and recognized the way the Fall reaches every corner of creation. 

And I don’t know about you, but I’m getting a little weary. 

Grief is like this. It’s wearisome. It’s tiring. It goes on for much longer than we would ever anticipate or wish. And, when we think it might be over and that the darkness is lifting, we wake again to find our tears are still flowing – without will, without end. Grief is wearisome.

In a small way, we press on this week in solidarity with the grieving poet. As we put our hand to the pen and fix our eyes on the text, we endure in a way that the poet had to endure. We press into the grief in a way that the poet had to press in. In our ongoing study of this book of lament we practice the spirit of the book: we endure, even when it’s not light or glamorous or leading to a happy ending.

Today we’re moving into chapter three, and this week, we are going to consider the chapter’s strategic place in the overall literary structure of the book. We’re taking a bird’s eye view, if you will. In the weeks to come we will consider the chapter verse-by-verse. 

Take a brief look back at your Book Overview Study. What type of writing is the book of Lamentations?

How will this effect our interpretation?

Today, I want to give you a task that we will look at in more depth tomorrow. Read the entire book of Lamentations and consider the following questions:

Is there an overall structure to the writing of the book? Do you notice any patterns in the way the chapters are arranged?

What role does chapter three seem to play in the overall structure of the book?

How does chapter three fit into the overall theme of the book?



Thank God that His Word is alive and active for you today. Thank Him that it’s interesting. Thank Him that you could study His Word forever and continue to uncover new things. Praise Him for being infinite. 

Author: amygannett

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