Read Lamentations Three 

The prophet has come a long way in chapter three. Today, we are going to consider the remaining verses in chapter three. But, for perspective, let’s first consider the journey we have taken in this sixty-six verse chapter.


Lamentations chapter three has three primary movements. Read the chapter and try to identify the primary themes, characteristics, and verse parameters in each of the three moments. Take some time doing this. Be as thorough as you can.

Movement 1:

Movement 2:

Movement 3:


The Man of Suffering started this chapter with blatant accusations against God. In movement one, he does not speak to God, but against God. He uses words like “He” rather than “You” when speaking of God. God is the afflicter in these verses, the One who caused all of the hurt the man and his people are currently experiencing. We know this because God is the subject of each of the verbs as the man sinks to his lowest place.

Then, the man deliberately turns Himself to God’s faithfulness. In the second movement, he turns his heart to repentance. He confesses his sin and places his trust squarely on the unchanging character of God. This is the pinnacle of the chapter and of the book: God’s character is unchanging and trustworthy. God will keep His covenant promises. The man then invites the people of God to join him in repentance. 

But then, almost sharply, the man looks back. He laments his current situation and the fact that God did not forgive their sins. Rather, God allowed their consequences to fall on them. He laments this reality, and, in the third movement, notices that God is the only One who can save them.


This third section is our primary concern for today. Read Lamentations 3:55 through the end of the chapter. Where does the man’s salvation come from? Where has he placed his hope of restoration?

Compare this section to the first. What is the same? 

What has changed?


The man’s situation has not changed one bit, but neither has God’s character. And because of this, the man’s perspective on God has altered entirely. The man can vent to God, accuse Him of allowing such atrocities to afflict his nation, but in the end God is the only one who can save them.


What does the prophet (and his nation) need saving from?  

The answer is simple: sin. The people need to be saved from their sin. And not just their deliberate and willful sin, but the sin that creeps through every vein in our bodies. The original sin of the Fall can only be overcome by the God of the universe. Only God can save them now. And the prophet knows this intimately.

Do you believe this? Have you believed that you need salvation from you sin – both your immediate and personal sin, but also the original sin that is part of your lot with humanity?

How can you confess to God today that He is the only One who can save you?



Thank God that He is able and willing to save! Thank Him that in Christ there is salvation available from your sin! Ask Him to save you from your sin today, to keep you from choosing sin in your life, and to heal you from past patterns of sin. And praise Him that He is able and willing! 

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