The nation of Israel is God’s chosen people. God called this nation together and led them on their spiritual and physical journey throughout the Old Testament. And as we study the tabernacle design, we’re entering their story at a very unique place in their national history. To start the story of the tabernacle isn’t to start at chapter one, but to jump right in the middle of the story of what God is doing through this nation.

Before we can understand the purpose of the tabernacle, we need to understand Israel’s historic setting at the time the instructions for the tabernacle were given. For today’s study, we are going to situate our passage (Exodus 24-30) within its historic and cultural context. This means that today will have more reading than usual. Tomorrow, we will unpack its meaning. 


The following references outline key events in the history of the nation of Israel. Read each of them, making note of the event’s importance and significance.

Genesis 12:1-9  

Genesis 37

Genesis 41:1-56

Genesis 47:1-12

Exodus 1:1-14

Exodus 12:1-42

Exodus 14:21-31


What themes arise in the story of God’s people?

How does Israel’s story remind you of the Gospel?



Thank God for His Word. Thank Him for revealing Himself to us in His Word. Praise Him that He has made Himself known to you through His Word. Ask Him to help you love His Word with all your mind through your exegetical study of the Text.

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