The lampstand provided practical help to the priests who ministered in the tabernacle, but the design was also significant, reminding God’s people that He is a God of light and that in His place of calling there is provision.

But the lampstand had another purpose – one that reminds us what the tabernacle is all about in the first place.

Read Exodus 25:31-40. What did the lampstand illuminate?


Why is this significant? 


Recall the original intention of the tabernacle. What was God doing in giving Moses these design plans in the first place?


We can’t lose sight of the big picture in the midst of the details. God is coming to dwell among His people. This is the great promise of the tabernacle – God on high is coming to live among them and be their God. And He’s not building Himself a throne room outside their national borders, but instead taking up a home just like theirs, moving right into their neighborhood. God is taking His promise to dwell among them quite literally. He bought the house next door, you could say, and has promised to move in.

With this in mind, what would the lampstand represent in the “home of God”?


God had promised to come and dwell among them, so the nation was constructing this temple. But … how would they know God was present? After all, the people did not enter the Holy of Holies. The continuously burning lampstand stood as a profound reminder to the nation: God is at home. There’s a light on inside. Even though they couldn’t see Him or always hear Him, they could look to the lampstand and rest assured: God’s presence is among us. 

And the glory of the lampstand isn’t just for Israel, but for us today. When we look at the New Testament and wonder where God’s presence is, we have only to recall the words of Jesus: “I am the light of the world!” God’s presence was made manifest in our world through Christ, and in the Incarnation He illuminated the ways of God to us in flesh. He became the light of the world not just so that we could see, but so that we could see God. He was the light that pointed us to God’s presence, the One who dwelt among us. 

How do you see the Gospel in this?



Thank God for promising to always be with you. Thank Him that He sent Christ to be the light of the world! Ask Him to help you, by His Spirit, be a light in the world that points others to Christ. 

Author: amygannett

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