We now come to the final and most holy place in the Tabernacle — the Holy of Holies, properly named. We have come to the ultimate place of God’s presence.

Read Exodus 24:1-16. Summarize what we learned about the Ark of the Covenant. 


How was it designed?


What was its purpose?


The Ark of the Covenant was the place where God would dwell. This piece was the epitome of the Tabernacle. Once constructed, it was the very place, the precise location where God would come and dwell among His people. 

What did the cherubim represent before God’s people? 


What did the gold in the Holy of Holies represent? 


What was the significance of the poles always being in place?


The Ark of the Covenant was a reminder to God’s people that His presence was now among men! This is the amazing reality of the Tabernacle – God had a home address for the first time among people! And yet, His holiness did not diminish in the least! And His holiness was dangerous for a sinful people (more on this soon). The cherubim were a reminder to the people of the angelic soldiers who constantly serve God in His heavenly throne room, the heavenly beings who consistently worship God around His throne. They proclaim in heaven “holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty” and they remind God’s people that God is set apart, completely other than they are.

The Ark is the reminder to God’s people and to us that if we were able to slice open the heavens, this is what we would behold! This is God’s reality! He is constantly venerated, constantly worshiped as holy.

Read Exodus 25:17-22. What did we learn about the Mercy Seat?


How was it designed? 


What was its purpose?


The Mercy Seat was the place where God promised to come and meet with His people. Because God is holy and mankind is sinful, mercy was the necessary requirement for you and me to approach God. The foundation of the ground on which we meet with God is mercy – HIS mercy! God made a way for His people to enter His presence. That way is through His mercy.

Read Ephesians 2:1-7. What was our station in our sin? 


What is God’s response? 


What is our station in Christ?


Though you and I were once dead in our sin, bound by sin to the darkness, God looked upon us in mercy. God chose not to give us the punishment our sin deserved but instead, like at the Mercy Seat, to look upon the sacrifice of another and consider our sins dealt with. The primary place that you and I experience the mercy of God is through the Incarnation: The presence of God made flesh. That flesh died the death you and I deserved, rose again, and overcame the grave in a way that no other sacrifice could have done. Because of God’s mercy in Christ Jesus, you and I are welcomed right into the presence of God. In Jesus, God has seated us with the resurrected Son in the heavenly places. Through Jesus, you and I have access to the Holiest of Holy places – God’s presence!

How do you see the Gospel in this?



Thank God that through Christ He has given you access to His presence. Praise Christ for His sufficient work on the cross. Thank Him that He has extended mercy to you in Christ. 

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