Abraham and Sarah bear the son of promise – Isaac. Just as God said. When Isaac grows up, he marries a woman named Rebecca, and, similar to her mother-in-law, Rebecca is barren. So, like a husband of faith, Isaac prays to the God of his father for his wife to conceive. And in the goodness of a kind Father, God grants him his request.

But Rebecca is not just pregnant with one child, but two. And though during her years of barrenness she likely dreamed about what it would be like to feel a child growing in her swelling womb, all is not as she imagined. In fact, the two feel as though they are at war within her:


And the Lord said to her, “Two nations are in your womb,

and two peoples from within you shall be divided; the one shall be stronger than the other,

the older shall serve the younger.”


God speaks to Rebecca. Let’s never let the reality that we worship a speaking God fall stale on our ears! The Lord – God of the universe – speaks to Rebecca and tells her that the twins growing in her womb will be against one another. He also tells her that, in a cultural role reversal, the younger of the two shall be the heir of the household.

Using the text for today, name a few of the distinctive characteristics Jacob and Esau have.

We’re not given insight into whether or not Rebecca told her sons about the prophecy over their relationship. But we do know this: every word of the Lord comes to pass.


READ GENESIS 25:28-30 & GENESIS 27:1-45


If you and I think our families of origin are messy, we’re in good company on the pages of Scripture. When we set out to study the family tree of Christ, we knew it wouldn’t always come in a tidy package, and this family is a prime example.

Though God promised that Jacob would inherit the blessing of his father, he deceives in order to get it. Rachel distrusts Isaac. Isaac distrusts Esau. Jacob distrusts Isaac.

…and yet the blessing comes. Just as God said it would.


What promises of God do you tend to distrust?

In what ways are you like Jacob?

Why do you think Jacob is included in the family tree of Christ?



Consider the promises of God that you tend to distrust. Confess this to God, and ask Him to grant you confident faith in His Word and His promises. Thank Him that when you are faithless He is faithful still.

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