As we make our way through the lineage of Christ in Matthew one, we see a grammatical pattern emerge. Similar to any historical genealogy, Matthew gives us a list of fathers’ names followed by the name of their eldest son, the firstborn son or heir of their father’s inheritance.

The patterns reads like this: “And _______ the father of ______, and _________ the father of _________, and _________ the father of ___________…” and on and on until we come to the Messiah, Jesus Christ.


But Matthew’s genealogy breaks this pattern a few times by including the name of the mother.


Read Matthew one, and name the mothers included in the line of Christ (note that not all of them are called out by name. Some are included by description).


God intentionally and consistently works in counter-cultural ways to show His incredible concern for women throughout the Scriptures. When we search through the generations and generations of historical genealogies, we do not often find the names of mothers listed. Mothers and daughters were nearly forgotten on the pages of family history. But it is not so with our God. The fact that the names of these women are included in the recorded family line of Christ reminds us of the incredible value God places on mothers and daughters. Matthew one is one of many examples in Scripture of God putting poignantly on display the value He sees in women, the love He has for them, and the counter-cultural ways that He has included them in places where others would habitually leave them out.


What does it mean to you that God included the names of these women in the family tree of Christ? What do you think He wants to teach you through this?



Thank God for the ways that He loves women and seeks to prize them in His family. Thank Him that He is not constrained by culture, but is guided by His unchangeable character of goodness, justice, and love.

Author: amygannett

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  • I love this!! Such a good reminder about how uncommon this was for the time! I love that He chose to include women in the written family tree of Christ and specifically the women He chose!! We are not and never have been insignificant to our Father God!
    Julie x

    • Amen! This is one of my favorite themes to trace through the Scriptures. No matter what time, place, or culture the Lord has always radically and insistently included women in His family. Praise God!