Yesterday we watched as Rahab trusted the character of God and acted in faith to hide the spies. Putting everything on the line, she made a deal with the spies: when Israel came to attack Jericho, she and her family members in her house would be spared.


Look back at yesterday’s study. What was the sign of the promise? Why do you think this is significant?


The sign of Rahab’s deliverance is also the sign of her faith – a scarlet chord. Just as she hung the chord out the window in faith to let the spies escape, she is to hang the chord out the window in faith that she will be rescued.

And God keeps His promise.

Rahab was promised to be spared from destruction, but we serve a God who blesses abundantly. What did God grant Rahab that was not originally a part of her deal with the spies? (verse 25)


Rahab is grafted into the people of God. She and her family are graciously welcomed into the household of Israel, and as we know from the book of Matthew, Rahab is included in the lineage of Christ. A pagan prostitute has been grafted right into the very family tree of the promised Messiah.


What does this tell you about God’s character?


Why do you think Rahab was included in the lineage of Christ? Make a few notes about Rahab on your printable family tree of Christ.



Spend some time thanking God that He uses the least likely of us to reveal His glory. Thank Him that He has invited you and me – despite our pasts – to trust His character and to be included in His family.


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