David, the shepherd God chose to be the next king of Israel, becomes king. And he is a good king. He does right in the eyes of the Lord, and has a heart that is molded after God’s.

But, in today’s narrative, we see a dark side of the king. Complete the timeline below by noting the verses for each event (note: some events may have multiple verses).



David inquires about the woman

David takes the woman and sleeps with her

Bathsheba tells David she is pregnant

David sends Uriah home

Uriah refuses to go home

David orders Uriah’s murder

David takes Bathsheba as his wife

Bathsheba has a son


Does anything about this narrative

indicate to you that David’s heart is

molded after God’s heart? Does anything

about his character mimic God’s

character? Nothing in this story should

cause us to think highly of David, and that

is exactly the point. Though David sins in

the sight of the Lord, though he lies and

deceives, though he takes another man’s

wife and sleeps with a woman not his wife,

and even though he has that man killed …

still God graciously keeps His promise to

send a Messiah. And He uses messy,

sinful, broken people like king David to do


This, my friends, is the Gospel. This is your

story and my story. It is the story of God’s

faithfulness in the midst of our own

unfaithfulness – the story that proclaims

that when we are faithless, God is faithful


David does repent and bear the Lord’s

discipline, but it was not his righteousness

that caused David to be included in the

family tree of the Messiah. It was grace,

friends. It was all God’s grace.



Spend some time reflecting on the grace

of God. Thank Him that when you are

unfaithful He remains faithful. Confess

areas of sin in your own life to Him and

ask Him to give you a heart of


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