Bathsheba is a woman often overlooked in Scripture. Yesterday, we considered this narrative with King David primarily in mind. But what about her? What about Bathsheba?

Spend some time reflecting on Bathsheba’s experience in this story. What emotions do you imagine she experienced? As you name a few, note verse references for events that occurred that give you this impression.

In this Old Testament narrative we see two parallel realities for Bathsheba: she is used by David, and she is used by God. While man’s condition is sinful, God is holy. Though David uses Bathsheba for his own fulfillment, God uses her to bring about redemption – in her own life and for the people of God. With this in mind, make a few notes below about the difference between how David uses Bathsheba and how God ultimately uses her to bring His Son, the Savior, into the world.

How does David use Bathsheba?


How does God use Bathsheba?


What does this teach you about God’s character?


Though Bathsheba was used by David for his own gratification, God sees her. In His immense kindness and generosity, God grafts her right into His family tree by giving her a son that will be the next member in the lineage of Christ. Through this son, the family line will continue moving steadily onward, right up to the birth of the Messiah.

Let this stand as a reminder to you and me: our God is a God of redemption. What David did in wickedness, God redeems. What David did in self-gratification, God used to bring Himself glory. When David acted in selfishness at the cost of another, God acted in grace and mercy – and did so ultimately at His own cost.



Thank God that in His kindness He sees us. Thank Him that what man intends for evil, He can redeem. Praise Him that He is a God of redemption.

Author: amygannett

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