verses twenty-six through thirty-eight


I will never tire of this story. The hope of all the nations is announced to Mary in the words of Luke one verses thirty-one through thirty-three.

Mary is a virgin, and likely a teen virgin. Engaged like most Jewish women in her youth, Mary is sexually inexperienced and young in life experience. And the Lord comes to her. The Lord chooses her.


When Mary hears the prophecy that she will bear the Messiah, how does she respond? And how does the angel answer her? (verses thirty-four & thirty-five)


This child will be born of Mary and of the Holy Spirit. And we cannot miss this! This promise fulfills many prophecies of the Old Testament! God spoke to His people through His prophets and assured them that He would send a Savior and that the Savior would be born of a virgin. The virgin birth isn’t just a display of God’s power – though it surely is that as well – but it is a magnificent display of His faithfulness! God gave His people many signs that would signify the coming of the Messiah, and one of these signs was the virgin birth. And in the angel’s words to Mary, God has kept His promises.


What is Mary’s response to the angel’s prophecy? (verse thirty-eight)


Mary’s heart is quick to obey. Like her soon-to-be husband, Joseph, Mary hears the words of God and submits her whole self to His will. Two unexpected, inexperienced parents are about to parent the Messiah, the Savior of their people. Everything they expected their life together to look like has vanished, and before them is a single vision: The Messiah is coming.

What stands out to you most about Mary’s story? Make a few notes in her place on the family tree.



Thank God that He keeps His promises. Ask Him to give you eyes to see His faithfulness, and a heart that responds in gratitude and praise.

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