verses one and two


For our final day of study, we are going to look at one more prophecy that Jesus fulfilled in His birth.


What analogy does Isaiah use for the Messiah?


The Messiah will come from Jesse – from Jewish descent. Jesus came from the people of Israel to save the people of Israel. But He didn’t stop there.

Recall God’s promise to Abraham (hint: see Genesis twelve verses one through three). The seed of Abraham – which is ultimately fulfilled in Jesus – wasn’t only going to be a blessing to the people of Israel.


Who did God say would be blessed through Abraham’s family line?


In this promise God extends the blessing of the Messiah to you and to me. Throughout the Scriptures, the word used for non-Jews is “Gentiles.” We have seen several Gentiles in the family tree of Jesus already.


Who among those we have studied was grafted into the family line of Christ? (Hint: Gentiles are marked with an * in the family tree). List the Gentiles from our study here. Make a few notes from memory about how they were grafted into the family tree of Christ.


Read Romans eleven verses one & two. How does Paul describe how Gentiles were included in the Gospel of Jesus?


Through the coming of the Messiah, you and I were grafted into the people of God. By His kindness and mercy, God grafted us into the family tree of Jesus. Though we do not deserve His favor, through the completed work of Jesus Christ, we have been brought near to God, and are included in the family of faith.



Spend some time reflecting on the family tree of Christ. Write your own name in the final space. Spend some time thanking God for including you in His family tree by His mercy and grace.

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