Jonah is book most of us often forget about. Even those of us raised in the church don’t often find ourselves doing our daily time of study in the book. Beyond flannel graphs, the book doesn’t often jump out at us as theologically rich or bursting with meaning.

But it is.

The book of Jonah is not just a story, but our story. The narrative that we will look at in the coming days depicts a man who walks with God, but does so fitfully. We will watch Jonah disobey God in rebellion and selfishness, and we will watch him obey God in rebellion and selfishness (in fact, we’re likely to find that obedient Jonah is much worse than disobedient Jonah). His character is flawed, his will is weak, but His God is faithful.

Today, as we launch off on this journey I want to encourage you to read the entire book of Jonah in a single sitting. It’s not long and won’t take you very long. But as you do notice this: though we often talk about Jonah in terms of his eventual faithfulness to God’s call, that is not what the book is about. This book is all about faithfulness, to be sure. But not Jonah’s. The faithfulness woven throughout this book is the faithfulness of our God. It’s on every page and in every line.

I’ve created a tool for you to use during your time of study over the next several weeks. It’s one of my very favorite ways to study a Text. Below you’ll find the book of Jonah in PDF format. It’s double-spaced so that you make all the notes you want, underline, circle, and mark it up. The coming days of study will encourage you to circle or underline certain words as we trace the theme of God’s faithfulness throughout the narrative.

Download: The Book of Jonah (ESV – double spaced)



After reading the book of Jonah, spend some time thanking God for His Word. Thank Him that it is for our study and His glory. Ask Him to teach you about His faithfulness throughout the coming weeks of study.

Author: amygannett

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