Before we dive into working verse-by-verse through the text, we need to stop and ask ourselves some overview questions about the book as a whole. At the outset of any Bible study, we want to ask about the historical setting of the book, the author of the book, and the original intended audience for the book.

Remember: The Bible is for us, but it was not for us first. This is why exegetical Bible study is so important.

I’ve created a tool that I would love to share with you. Below you’ll find a PDF that can guide you through some of the initial questions we need to ask when starting a new book. Today, I’d like you to use your study time trying to answer them to the best of your abilities. (To give you a head start, I had you read the entire book yesterday. Right away, you can check off the first step!)

Download: Book Overview | A study tool by Amy Gannett

(PS: You’ll be seeing this study tool in my shop in 2019, but I wanted to give you the free printable version before I launch it as a purchasable product. Thank you for being a digital subscriber!)

I’ll give you the answers I came to through my personal study. Today, do your best to find the answers to the questions on the first page of the Book Overview tool (we’ll work through the second page in subsequent days) using a study Bible, commentary, or online Bible resource (a few of my favorite online introductions to Jonah are listed below):


Spend some time thanking God for the riches of His Word. Thank Him that we have the privilege of loving Him with all our minds as we look into these things.


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