You completed the first page of our book overview a few days ago – way to go! Today, we’re going to start work on the second page.

Today, our goal is to complete the first two questions on the second page of the Book Overview:

Are there any repeated words or phrases?


Are there any overall themes?

To do this, pull out your double-spaced text for the book of Jonah. Read through the entire book and make note of any repeated words. Underline them as you come to them.

Once you’ve read through the entire book, flip back through the text and see if you can identify any overall themes throughout the book (HINT: look for recurring verbs that are associated with God’s activity). Make note of those themes in the margin of your study wherever you find them. If you want to get fancy, use different colored highlighters to mark different themes you identify, and make yourself a color key by the title of the book (e.g., yellow highlighter = God’s faithfulness, green highlighter = God’s sovereignty, etc).



Thank God for the beauty of His Word. Ask Him to unfold the rich truths of the book of Jonah to you throughout your time of study.



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  • Obviously I am 8 days behind but I am keeping at this. I can do hard things through Him who strengthens me. Might be easier if I were not also studying with my church growth group, my women’s SS class (Titus) and a year-long leadership forum with my church (not to mention working 40 hours a week) but you are right – I can do hard things. Thanks for the encouragement as I bring up the rear over here … I’m in!