Let’s look at the third way God calls Jonah back to obedience in this narrative.

Verse: 4

Means: a tempestuous storm that threatened to break the ship

Jonah’s response: Nothing. He’s down in the bottom of the ship sleeping.


Verse: 6

Means: The captain of the ship

Jonah’s response: Nothing.


Verse: 7

Means: Through lots cast by the crew

Jonah’s response: Confession

First God sent a storm, then God sent an unbelieving captain, and in today’s study we see Him use a set of dice.

Casting lots was a common practice in ancient near eastern culture. Take a look at the following passages, and note the way God uses this cultural norm to make His ways known:

1 Chronicles 25:1-8


Nehemiah 11:1-2


John 19:23-24


Acts 1:21-26


Though casting lots is not often seen as the wisest way to make decisions in the Scriptures, God often used them to His glory. God is in the business of taking ordinary, cultural practices in our world and redeeming them to His glory and the edification of His Church. And in today’s passage, He uses a set of rolled dice to remind Jonah that He is called to repent.

Read Jonah 1:7-8. What questions do the sailors have for Jonah?

Immediately, Jonah is put on trial. The lot has fallen to him and they want to know why he is on the ship and what he means by causing this trouble for them.

How does Jonah respond?

Does anything strike you as strange in His response?


Very often in the Scriptures we see God referred to as “the Lord, the maker of heaven and earth.” But here, Jonah adds an addendum. He acknowledges to the sailors that his God – Yahweh – is the maker of the sea and dry land.

Jonah knows. Jonah knows that this storm is a call to repentance, He knows that the maker of the sea and dry land is relentlessly pursuing Him, and He knows that no other god can command the seas like Yahweh.



Thank God that there is no god like our God! Thank Him for His power and sovereignty. Praise Him for always calling us back to Himself.



Author: amygannett

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