Jonah has finally confessed. If you’re keeping notes, peek back at last week’s study. What name does Jonah use to describe his God?

Jonah calls Yahweh by a name that indicates he knows the character and power of his God – God is the maker of heaven and earth, of the sea and dry land. God has power to sway the universe, to crash the waves against the boat, and to cause the seas to be still. Jonah knows.

And embedded within Jonah’s confession of God’s character is his confession of his own. Though he doesn’t say it outright, we can be confident that Jonah is aware that his character does not line up with his God’s character.

What does Jonah’s confession and the name he gives God reveal about who Jonah believes God is?


How does Jonah’s own character up to this point contrast with God’s character?

Jonah confesses God’s character, but there is still something he has left undone.

What is glaringly missing from Jonah’s statement?


Jonah confesses, but he does not repent. Jonah does not tell the sailors to turn the ship back towards Nineveh (in fact, the sailors try to do that themselves!), but proposes another solution.

What does Jonah say will stop the storm?


Why do you think he suggested this?


Jonah knows that he deserves God’s discipline, and he believes that giving his life will pacify God’s wrath. He confesses his disobedience, but does not pursue obedience. So he tells the sailors to throw him overboard instead of asking them to set sail for Nineveh.

Have there been times in your life where you have confessed sin without repenting?


Are there any areas in your life currently that you have confessed to God without turning from that sin?

Thank God Jonah’s story (and ours!) is not over yet. God is not finished with our unrepentant, runaway missionary, and He’s not finished with us either.


Spend some time asking God to reveal any areas of unrepented sin in your life. Sit quietly in His presence and invite His Spirit to search your heart. Ask Him for discernment to hear and heed His voice. Thank Him that He isn’t finished with you yet!



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