Yesterday we did the more technical work of grammatical structure. Today, let’s use the other side of our brains – the more imaginative, creative, contemplative side of how God has created us.

Consider how chapter 1 leaves off. Where is Jonah? What all has happened to him?


What do you think Jonah might be feeling at this point in the story?


What questions might he have?


What thoughts might Jonah have about God at this point?


What do you think Jonah might be thinking God is feeling towards him?


How do you think Jonah sees himself in relation to his calling at this point?


While we don’t know exactly what Jonah is thinking, feeling, or experiencing, our shared humanity gives us some plausible guesses. I imagine that Jonah feels farther from God than ever before. I imagine that he is afraid, wondering if God has left Him to die an unusually cruel death by slowly wasting away in the digestive cavity of a great fish. I imagine he believes God is angry with him. Perhaps he even feels as though he has finally succeeded in running from God.

Praise the Lord the truth for Jonah is our truth today as well: we cannot run from God. In fact, what Jonah likely does not yet know is that God is still relentlessly pursuing him, calling Jonah back into relationship with Himself, calling Jonah back to restored obedience to his call. God is persistently, unrelentingly, unfailingly faithful to Jonah.

And He is faithful to us, too. When we can’t see it – and even when the opposite seems true –  God is being faithful to us.

If you were to say one thing to Jonah at the close of chapter one about God’s character, what would it be?


Is there an area of your life or heart in which you need to hear and receive the same truth?



Thank God for His faithfulness. Ask Him to give you a confidence in His character that will cause to trust Him, even in the darkest times.




Author: amygannett

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