Jonah 2018 | DAY XXVIII


We are going to continue to look at Jonah’s prayer to God from the belly of fish. Today, we’re going to focus on verses 4 through 6.

What emotions does Jonah’s prayer express in verses 4 and 5?

How does Jonah think God sees him right now?

Jonah is reflecting on the events that have transpired. He says, “Then I said, ‘I am driven from your sight …’” When do you think Jonah felt this way?

Jonah most likely thought he was farthest from God when he was being thrown overboard. Before the whale swallowed him whole, while the waves pushed him under and hurled his body to and fro, he thought he was going to die.

Look back at Jonah 1:1-3. What is Jonah’s intent as he steps aboard the ship leaving for Tarshish?

How does this contrast with what Jonah says in 2:4?


Though Jonah was running from God, as he sat in the water waiting for death, he thought he was actually being driven from God’s sight. It’s not that he thought he had succeeded in eluding God, but that this time, God had driven him away.

How does Jonah conclude verse 4?

Why do you think Jonah’s confidence that God would save him was restored?

Because God sent a great fish to swallow him – certainly something that could be only miraculous – Jonah knows that God’s eye never left him. Jonah remains certain that God will bring him home, that he will worship in the temple of God, all because a fish came and rescued him from death.

Thank God that when we pray to God, because of our union with His Son, He hears us.

Look up the following verses. Make note of how they relate to Jonah’s prayer in verses 4-6:

Psalm 31:22

1 Kings 8:35

Lamentations 3:52-57


What do these verses tell us about God’s character?

About repentance?


Thank God that because of the blood of Christ you always have access to God the Father. Thank Him that you can always confess your sin and repent with confidence that He will hear and forgive you.

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