Word of the Day: Berith 

Meaning: Covenant

Hebrew: בְּרִית

Pronounced: ber-eeth

Copy the word at the top of your page. Say it aloud three times.

Have you heard this word before? If so, what do you know about it?

Look up the following references in which the primary five covenants in the Bible are described, and note the places the word “Covenant” is uesd (hint: it’s not used in every passage). For this word, the relational context of each use is especially important. Make note of the person God is interacting with and what you know of their relationship.

Genesis 9

Genesis 12

Exodus 19

2 Samuel 7

Jeremiah 31

Where are we in the meta-narrative of Scripture (or, the story of Redemption)? 

Berith is the Hebrew word for covenant. Though it could be used of agreements between business partners and sometimes even marriages, it is a word that holds somewhat severe implications. The word represents an unbreakable agreement, a sworn oath. And built into that Berith were stipulations as to what would happen if either party broke the agreement.

Throughout the Old Testament, God made five Beriths with His people. These Beriths were necessary because sin had broken the perfectly unhindered relationship that mankind had with God. So, God made a Berith with mankind: He would be their God and they would be His people. He spoke these Beriths with Noah, Abraham, Moses and David. And time and time again, His people broke the agreement. They broke His Law and their relationship with God. And then, He promised that there would be a new Berith. This Berith stipulated that the consequences for the broken Beriths would fall on Him instead of His people. 

What do you know about this new covenant?

How does this move the story forward?

Pray & Reflect:  Thank God for reaching out to us and making a Berith with us. Thank Him for absorbing the consequences of our sin on the cross and establishing a new covenant of His blood with us. 

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  • Hi Amy,
    Thank you so much for this wonderful study. This is my first study with you and I am seeing a difference in my time in the Word because of your teaching. Thank you 🙂
    Question, where exactly was the word berith (covenant) used in Genesis 12?

    • Hi! Oh yay I’m so glad! The word itself isn’t used in chapter 12 – good catch! It’s just the primary place God’s covenant with Abraham is described. I changed the wording of that question to make it clearer! 🙂