Word of the Day: Shalom

Meaning: Peace

Hebrew: שָׁלוֹם

Pronounced: “Shaw-lom”

Copy the word at the top of your page. Say it aloud three times.

Have you heard this word before? If so, what do you know about it?

Look up the following references where this word is used. What do you learn about the word Shalom? 

Numbers 6:26

Numbers 25:12

Ezekiel 34:25

Isaiah 54:10

Malachi 2:5

Jeremiah 33:9

Where are we in the meta-narrative of Scripture (or, the story of Redemption)? 

Today we are looking at our final Hebrew word in this study. (PS – you found this study intimidating or daunting at the outset, take a moment to consider all you’ve studied up to this point! Way to persist in studying the Word of God daily and intentionally!) Shalom is a word rich in meaning, and one that cannot be neatly or simply defined. Simply translated it means “peace,” but not just any peace, but all-encompassing, final peace. Throughout the text we see it referenced as bodily well-being, relational harmony, and freedom from war. But ultimately – the pinnacle of meaning for Shalom – is covenant restoration between man and God.

This is the ultimate promise of the Old Testament – though our sins are many, having broken our covenant relationship with God (Berith), He promised to send us a Savior (Yasha). He promised that the Savior would restore His people to right covenantal relationship with Himself (Shalom) and that the peace the Savior would bring would ripple through every area of unrest we can name. One day, the Savior would bring peace to our bodies where they ache, peace to our broken relationships, and peace between us and God. The entire Old Testament points to this ultimate reality: the Savior is coming, and He will be a Savior of peace. 

*Side Note: This is why God punishes the false prophets so severely when they proclaim peace to the people when they have not been restored to God. For further study read Jeremiah 6:14 and Ezekiel 13:10. 

Why is understanding God’s promise of peace so important in the meta narrative of Scripture? 

How does this move the story forward?

Pray & Reflect: Thank God for promising to bring peace, and praise Him for doing so in Jesus Christ. Thank Him that in Jesus you have been made right with God. Ask Him to send the Shalom He has afforded you rippling through your life – into your home and relationships. 

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