Word of the Day: Logos

Meaning: Word

Greek: λόγος

Pronounced: “Log-os”

Copy the word at the top of your page. Say it aloud three times.

Have you heard this word before? If so, what do you know about it?

Look up the following references where this word is used. What do you learn about the word Logos? NOTE: λόγος has many different English translations. In the references below you’ll find it translated “message,” “news,” and “law,” but all come from the same Greek word. 

Matthew 13:1-23 

2 Peter 3:5

Mark 1:45 

Galatians 5:14

John 1:1

John 1:14

Where are we in the meta-narrative of Scripture (or, the story of Redemption)? 

Logos is the general Greek word for “word,” or a saying or utterance. But, while it’s a commonly used word, it was also one that God chose to use to point His people to the Messiah.

You see, God’s Word can mean many different things, but each and every meaning point us back to His unchanging and eternal character. In the very beginning of time, there was just God. Just His Triune Self – perfectly happy and blessed and self-existent. And in joy and delight He spoke the entire world into existence – His logos was effective and powerful, creating everything He uttered. Throughout the Old Testament, God gave His people His logos, or His promise. He committed Himself to them in covenant, and gave them the law (also His logos, see Galatians 5:14 reference) as their share of the covenant relationship.

But His people rejected Him. They disobeyed Him. They went on a tare throughout His creation, proclaiming “MINE!” and believing that they were better off on their own. They broke God’s Law (logos) and His covenant (logos) and stopped up their ears to God’s invitation to return. And so heaven fell silent. For 400 years there was no utterance from God. The prophets had no prophecies and the dreamers had no dreams. God was completely silent.

And then He sent Jesus. He sent the Word. Jesus came as the fully-God-fully-man utterance of God. Jesus is God’s self-expression and the perfect communication of who God is. The logos came and fulfilled the law (logos) and broke in a new covenant (logos) through His blood. Jesus – God Himself – is the Word of God that we all so desperately needed.

And finally … finally! … He’s here.  

Why is understanding Jesus Christ as the Word of God so important in the meta-narrative of Scripture?

How does this move the story forward?

Pray & Reflect: Praise God for sending the Word of God to be flesh among us. Thank Him for the Savior who came to bring you and me back into right relationship with Him.

Author: amygannett

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  • Wow!! Praise God for sending his son. The word! Thank you Amy for painting this picture so clearly!

  • Hi Amy,
    I’ve been loving this study!!! Just a quick note, there was a typo, the last verse you listed should be John 1:14 instead of John 1:4. Probably most of your readers would think of John 1:14 off the top of our heads when we think about “Word”, but just in case… Thank you for spending your time on this ministry!!