Word of the Day: Doxa

Meaning: Glory

Greek: δόξα

Pronounced: dox’-ah

Copy the word at the top of your page. Say it aloud three times.

Have you heard this word before? If so, what do you know about it?

Look up the following references where this word is used. What do you learn about the word Doxa?

Jude 1:25

Matthew 6:13

Romans 1:23

1 Peter 4:11

Revelation 1:6

Where are we in the meta-narrative of Scripture (or, the story of Redemption)? 

Doxa is the Greek word for glory or honor. It is the word that is used throughout the New Testament to describe the weight of esteem that is due the name of God. For God’s redemptive word, creative power, and eternal character He deserved unending glory!

But our understanding of doxa can’t stop there. If you’re familiar with old hymns or are a part of a traditional church, you may be familiar with The Doxology. It’s a hymn of worship that captures the breath of praise and glory due to God’s name:

Praise God from whom all blessings flow;

Praise God, all creatures here below;

Praise God for all that love has done;

Creator, Christ, and Spirit, One.

Where doxa simply means “glory,” doxology means “to worship.” And in the intertwining of these two words we have an accurate picture of what worship is: a response to God’s glory. 

When we behold God’s doxa – when we catch a glimpse of who He is in His eternal being – we are both enabled and responsible to respond in worship, or doxology. This is why I am so passionate about Christians learning theology; because as we learn more about who God is we can and should lean into worship Him for whom He has revealed Himself to be. Theology – or learning about God’s glorious self – should always lead to worship, or doxology.

How does this move the story forward?

Pray & Reflect: Thank God for revealing His glory to us in Christ. Spend some time ascribing to Him glory for various aspects of His unchanging character. Give Him glory and worship Him. 

Author: amygannett

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