Word of the Day: Eleeó

Meaning: Mercy

Greek: ἐλεέω

Pronounced: el-eh-eh’-o

Copy the word at the top of your page. Say it aloud three times.

Have you heard this word before? If so, what do you know about it?

Look up the following references where this word is used. What do you learn about the word Eleeó?

1 Peter 2:10

James 2:13

Matthew 5:7

Hebrews 4:16

1 Peter 1:3

Where are we in the meta-narrative of Scripture (or, the story of Redemption)? 

Eleeó is the Greek word for mercy. And while we tend to use the word “mercy” rather broadly in our modern context, Eleeó has a specific definition in mind. We experience Eleeó when we do not receive the punishment we deserve. When our actions or motives or beings should result in a punishment or consequence, and when that punishment or consequence is removed from us, we have experienced and received Eleeó.

This is the good news of the Gospel! Though our sins surely are deserving of total separation from God, in Jesus God extends us Eleeó! Born into sin, you and I should be eternally, permanently, utterly separated from the good God of the universe. But, because God extended to us His Eleeó, He sent us Son to pay the penalty of our sins in our place. Jesus hung on the cross and experienced separation from His Father in death that you and I might not. This is the glorious Eleeó of God – the death of Jesus that took our punishment in our stead.

How does this move the story forward?

Pray & Reflect: Thank God for extending to you His Eleeó in Christ. Thank Him that as a follower of Jesus you are not destined for Hell when you die! Thank Him for saving you through Christ’s death and resurrection, for sending Jesus to be the Eleeó of God for us.

Author: amygannett

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