READ Luke 21:14-19

The picture looks dire from where the disciples sit. But they are to settle in their minds the confidence that Christ Himself by His Spirit will provide to them the exact words they need, exactly when they need it. The social fabric of their world is going to be unraveled, but as they cling to the kingdom of God they will see more and more how the ways of God’s kingdom operates radically differently from the kingdoms of this world.

Using today’s text list the way each of these relationships will be affected (verses 16-17):








But Jesus leaves them with a promise. What is it? (verse 18)

How can this be? How can the disciples be delivered up to death in the midst of societal turmoil and yet not a hair on their heads will be harmed?

Jesus is pointing His disciples to a reality beyond the reality they know. He is pointing them to the Kingdom of God! They may be hated by the kingdoms of this world, but they are welcomed into His. They may be turned over to their accusers by family members here on earth, but they are welcomed into His family as sons and daughters. They may be delivered up to death in this life, but through Christ eternal life is theirs!

As they hold fast to their faith in Christ, even in the face of death, they receive the very life of Christ. This is the gift He came to afford them! This is the life that He will give His very life to gain for them! This is the way of the kingdom!

Spend some time thanking God that Christ came to gain for us eternal salvation. Ponder the sacrifice He made to offer you eternal life – praise Him.

Author: amygannett

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