LENT 2018 | DAY XV

READ Luke 22:7-16

“Then came the day of Unleavened Bread, on which the Passover lamb had to be sacrificed. So Jesus sent Peter and John, saying, “Go and prepare the Passover for us, that we may eat it.”

Jesus does what any of us would do if there was a group plotting our death – he makes preparations for a meal … of course not! We would all try to find some way to “get out of town,” “lay low,” seek shelter and protection. But, Jesus chooses to keep the feast and makes preparations for the meal. This meal was important; it was important enough for Jesus to keep despite the circumstances.

Why do you think this meal was so important? What clues does our Text today give us?

Luke tells us that Jesus sends Peter and John to go prepare the feast. So, Peter and John ask Jesus where they should go to prepare. This was a natural question given they were both Galileans, and not intimately familiar with Jerusalem – not to mention Jerusalem would have been packed with people, making places hard to come by so late into the festival. Jesus gives them these instructions:

“He said to them, “Behold, when you have entered the city, a man carrying a jar of water will meet you. Follow him into the house that he enters…”

Jesus gives them detailed instructions, though they sound rather ordinary to our ears. You can even picture many men carrying jars of water in preparation during such a large and important festival. But, the instructions are actually rather specific, because, traditionally, only women carried jars of water. In contrast, men carried skins of water. So, a man carrying a jar of water would have stood out in the crowd.

The disciples find the man and the house, just as Jesus says they will. Very likely, the room for the Supper would be filled with decorated pillows and ample space for everyone to recline; smells of herbs, meat, bread, and wine would have wafted through the room and city as home after home prepared this ceremonial meal. And, as they sit down to eat Jesus tells them that he has been longing to eat this Passover meal with his disciples. But, what makes this meal stand out among the rest? What sets this Passover apart in Christ’s mind from every other year of celebration?

Jesus tells us, in a somewhat mysterious manner, that he will not eat the Passover again until it is “fulfilled in the kingdom of God.” The meal they are about to share is not just about sofas and bread and wine (though in some very real way, it is); but about something yet to come. Not looking at it so as to memorialize it, and not looking beyond it as to trivialize it, but looking through it so as to reap the joys of a meal pregnant with meaning, Jesus is anticipating the day in which this meal is brought to fulfillment in the Kingdom of God.

We will look more at the eternal significance of this meal tomorrow, but for today, let’s rejoice in this: our Jesus sat down to the Passover meal one last time, knowing that the Kingdom was on its way. So we, too, rejoice in this hope.

Thank God that every promise of God is our sure hope. Thank Him that His Kingdom is coming!

Author: amygannett

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