READ Luke 23:50-56

Joseph is an average man. We’re not told much about him, but the text gives us a few insights into who he is.

What does the text tell us about Joseph?

Amidst the factual information we’re given about Joseph, we are told two astonishing things. First, he did not consent to the decision or action to crucify Jesus. Joseph was not among the crowd shouting for Barabbas to be released instead of Jesus, and he was not in support of this action. As a Jewish man, this discernment is fairly remarkable. When we consider the sheer number of people calling for Jesus’ crucifixion, it should not surprise us that the text makes note of a man who opposed this seemingly unanimous decision.

The second thing we’re told about Joseph is even more surprising: he was looking for the Kingdom of God. Joseph was a man with his ear to the ground. He was waiting in hopeful anticipation for the Messiah to come. He kept one hand on the pulse of the Old Testament and the other on the pulse of the world. He was watching, waiting, and looking.

Joseph is given a privilege that is easy to overlook: he is invited to bury the Savior of the world. Joseph is welcomed into the passion narrative by being given the sobering task of preparing the body of Jesus for burial. I imagine that in this process he was very tangibly reminded of the reality of the incarnation: God has become flesh, and that flesh needed to be cared for, tended to, and prepared for the grave.

Let us not miss the humility of Christ in His incarnation, and the humility of His servant, Joseph, as he prepared Jesus’ body for burial. And let us adopt Joseph’s posture – being ready and willing to serve, and always looking for the Kingdom of God.

How can we, like Joseph, be looking for the Kingdom of God today?


How can you adopt this posture in your everyday life?


Thank God that we can have confidence that the Kingdom of God has come and is coming. Ask Him to give you eyes that are always looking for the Kingdom of God.

Author: amygannett

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