READ Luke 24:1-12

In the earliest hours of the morning, the friends made their way to the tomb. Clutching the spices that would preserve the body of their Friend (and ward off the stench of death), they moved persistently towards the burial-place. I imagine their feet stepped with heaviness, and their hearts were fit to match.

But when they arrived at the tomb, it was open. And not just a little bit open – like a sliver of a crack between the tomb and the stone (though that would have been problematic as well) – but completely exposed. The tombstone had been rolled away from the opening completely, and the once dark place of rest of the dead was filled with early morning light.

As if that sight wasn’t enough, the women are then greeted by a heavenly being! Clothed in white, this is not what they planned on seeing at a grave site. And he has one message for them: It’s all true!

The angel proclaims to the women the message that is resounding throughout the Scriptures: It’s all true! All the promises of God, all the prophecies of old, have come to fruition in the death and resurrection of Christ! The angel reminds them of Christ’s promises, reminding them that Jesus assured them that He would die for the redemption of the world. And just as Jesus promised, all has come to pass. Jesus is alive, and God has kept His promise!

Filled with eager anticipation, the women rush back to tell their friends. He’s alive! It’s all true!

The resurrection of Jesus does not just signify the fulfillment of one prophecy, but of all the promises of God! Throughout the Old and New Testaments, God weaves His promises to His people – promises of redemption, salvation, and, yes, resurrection – together. They run like a web throughout the entirety of the Scriptures, and in the resurrection of Jesus we see the whole come together. Jesus is alive! It is all true!

How does the resurrection of Jesus remind you that God always keeps His promises?


How can the joy of the resurrection draw you to worship our promise-keeping God today?


Thank God that Jesus did not stay in the grave, but that He is risen! Praise Him for keeping every promise He has made.

Author: amygannett

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