Help for your Tired Devo Routine

Things are about to get real for a moment.

You’ve seen the pictures before. Those tiny, filtered, styled little squares that give you a “glimpse” into someone else’s world. They seem so ideal, so picturesque with their Bible and coffee mug and fresh-cut flowers. They seem like they have it all together – the little ones must be sleeping or she’s up before the sun, because this woman has hours to spend in the Word, to journal in her Bible with fancy hand-lettering that we’ve never been able to master. This woman, we tell ourselves, has the devotional routine down.

Then, we look at our own. We’re faithful, but we’ve fallen into a cycle of reading the same book of the Bible and praying the same prayers. We’re a bit stuck, if we’re honest with ourselves. And when we look at the “goal” – the woman with flowers, coffee, and Bible in hand – and compare it to our own, our hearts sink. The gap feel likes it’s too great. And we don’t know where to start.

Here’s a fresh bit of relief-bringing truth: IG isn’t telling you the whole truth. It doesn’t tell us the whole story, just a snippet of reality. We don’t know if that “picture-perfect” woman had to muscle up all her fight to get up at 5am and spend time in the Word (and, we don’t know if another is getting more out of her time than a picture for social media).

And while our goal doesn’t need to be a picture-perfect quiet time, we are right to want to reawaken our times of daily study. It’s a good impulse to want to refresh our routine so that our minds are sharpened by the Word of God, and our hearts are formed in daily study and prayer.

So, what can we do to refresh our tired devotional routine, without making it an Instagram idol? Here are some of my favorite resources – some reminders of why we do what we do, and others practical tools to get you in the Word in a fresh way – that God just might use to jumpstart your daily quiet time.

Podcast: Journeywomen with Hunter Beless on why women need theology

Study: Jen Wilkin, God of Creation and God of Covenant

Study: Gloria Furman, Raised Together (a study of Colossians)

Book: How to Read Your Bible for All It’s Worth

Book: Grasping God’s Word

Devotional: New Morning Mercies

Bible Courses: Join one of my Bible courses! In these, we do daily, exegetical study together. I’ll guide you through doing word studies, looking at the literary structure of a book, looking at the original audience and author and more!

In fact, you’re in luck. Just this morning, membership enrollment for these digital studies opened. Members have access to the entire library of exegetical Bible studies for just $8/month (plus a whole bunch of other cool things, too). You can start one study (like a study of the book of Philippians) and then easily switch to another (like to study the meta narrative of Scripture in Greek and Hebrew in the Woven Study) without ever losing your place. But don’t take my word for it; find out how others have benefited from being a member!

No matter what you do or how you do it, devote yourself to studying God’s Word! Do it daily, and do it with passion. We are the among the privileged ones who have access to so many helpful, fruitful resources for studying and growing in our understanding of God’s Word. Don’t let your study routine grow limp; embrace all God has for you in His Word and love Him with all your heart and your mind.

Author: amygannett

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