Digital Studies

Bible School and Seminary had many long-lasting effects on me, but one of the most notable is my craving to study the Word of God in depth. After trying devotional after devotional, I found myself craving more. I wanted to study God’s Word exegetically, like I learned in Biblical Exposition classes. I wanted to do word studies and investigate a book’s literary structure, like I learned in Greek and Hebrew Exegesis classes. I wanted theologically-rich interpretation instead of feel-good application, like I learned in Systematic Theology classes.

And so, I decided to start something new: I created exegetical, digital Bible studies for believers wanting to dig deep into the Word of God every day. Monday through Friday, digital subscribers receive a new day of study in their membership portal (accessible via computer, tablet, or The Rooted Home App). Each day of study takes about fifteen to twenty-five minutes to complete and includes Scripture reading assignment, theological commentary, Greek and Hebrew word studies (with instructions), and a look at the book overview, literary structure, and more.

Digital Bible Studies

Digital studies can be purchased “a la cart.” Choose a study and work through it at your own pace. Each study has five days a week of exegetical Bible study, audio or video teaching, printable PDFs, guided Hebrew and/or Greek word studies, and more! You can shop all studies available here.


Can’t pick just one study? Digital Study Members have access to the entire library of digital studies. Try Lamentations and switch to the Psalms without ever losing your place. Digital members also have access to exclusive engagement; through blog posts, theological questions, and discussion on the tough stuff of Bible study, I love engaging members in this little community of Bible students.

Membership is $8 a month and enrollment is only open for one week, twice a year. The only way to know when membership enrollment is open is to join my email list.

Digital Studies in the Library:

Grafted In | An Advent Study of Christ’s Family Tree

Faithful | A Study of Jonah

Partners in the Gospel | A Study of Spiritual Friendships in Philippians

The Way of the Kingdom | A Lent Study of Passion Week

Supplication & Submission | A Study in the Psalms

Lamentations | A Study of Repentance in Lamentations

Presence Promised | A Theological Study of the Tabernacle 

Woven | A Study of the Meta-Narrative of Scripture in Greek & Hebrew 

Learning Sabbath | An Study of Biblical Rest