Daily Digital Subscriptions


Daily Bible readings and study delivered right to your phone

You’ll receive daily, digital Bible readings with commentary, questions for reflection, and responsive prayer guides. Studies are available via a user login on your phone, tablet, or computer.

Subscriptions Include:

  • Five days per week of Scripture-based Bible study
  • Readings assignments that put the Text at the forefront of your study
  • Theological commentary that invites you to interact with the passage
  • Study tips that encourage you to do the hard work of study, and guides you into a deeper, more robust understanding of the Word
  • Daily questions for reflection to encourage you to think deeply about the Word and integrate the truth of God’s Word into your daily life
  • Daily prayer points to guide your prayerful response to the Text
  • Access to the current and previous study content

Upcoming digital studies:

  • November & December: Grafted In – an Advent Study of the Family Tree of Christ
  • January (Digital Exclusive!): Faithful – a study of the book of Jonah
  • February and March: The Way of the Kingdom – a study of Jesus’ Passion Week teachings for Lent

Commitment made Convenient:

By subscribing for one year, you take the guess work out of how to get into the Word every day. With inspiring designs and fresh content every day, it’s the gift that gives back throughout the year.

Subscribe & Save: 

Get one month free when you subscribe for a year! 

Monthly Digital Subscription
1 week for free then $6 / month
Annual Digital Subscription
$66 / year