Presence Promised | A Digital Study of the Tabernacle

Throughout the Old Testament, God led His people by His presence. He met Moses in a burning bush and led Israel through the wilderness in a pillar of fire or cloud. But then … God called them to build Him a home. Living in a dwelling very much like their own, God was coming to live among His people.

And within God’s call to build the tabernacle, God was promising to come and live among His people in a permanent way. Every single element of the tabernacle design reminded His people that one day He would send the Messiah. The tabernacle was “God among us,” and every stone in it’s foundation pointed the people forward to the One who would come and be “God with us.”

This digital study is designed to prepare your heart for the Advent season, as we look back at God’s tabernacle design. We’ll observe the many elements that anticipate the coming of the Messiah, and prime our hearts to celebrate His coming during the holiday season.

This six-week digital Tabernacle study starts October 15th.

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