hey, hi, hello! I’m Amy.

I help women know and love God through his Word

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Author, mom, theologian.

I am a big believer in not waiting for the “time to be right” to get in the Word and grow in theology. Let’s grow together, and let’s start today.

Think we might be friends? I think so, too!

hang with me if you’re into:

  • Growing in knowing God through his Word
  • Communicating big truths to little hearts
  • Making simple recipes that are delicious (& super simple)
  • Cultivating a beautiful and welcoming home
  • Buying one more book for your TBR pile
  • Serving in the local church
  • Picking up a new hobby or learning something new (like quilting!)

Want to grow in your faith in everyday, ordinary ways? I do, too.

My goal on my blog is to create theologically-rich resources that will help you dig deeper into God’s Word and connect what you’re learning to your everyday life. Read some of my favorite posts like, The Difference Between “Should Do” Quiet Times, and “Get To” Quiet Times, and How I’m Strengthening my Prayer Life and so many others!

Want to go deeper? Let’s go together.

Bible Study

I’ve created a whole library of Bible study resources to help make what I learned in Bible school and seminary accessible to you through the Bible Study Schoolhouse


When I graduated from seminary, I kept looking for an accessible systematic theology book that was written for the everyday Christian. When I couldn’t find one, I wrote it.


A few years ago I started a membership for Christians wanting to go deeper in their Bible study an community! We learn and grow together, get access to theology courses and Bible studies, and so much more.

Kind words

We don’t work for grace, we work from it.